Card Type Mobile Phone Holder in pakistan

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Card Type Mobile Phone Holder in pakistan
A camera‚Äôs most essential accessory is its tripod. The design of a tripod has not changed since the early 1800s when photography was first invented. If our primary cameras are slim enough to be discreetly carried with us every day, why should our tripods be any different? that’s actually with you when you need it, instead of sitting at home collecting dust.
Fine enough to coincide with the thickness of almost any device on the market and any case.
It has 8/9/10mm adapters that are compatible with most mobile phones on the market.
You can rotate and adjust the angle to find the best shot Angle.
Professional photographers use it to create stunning images on the go.
he Pocket Tripod is no longer a distant concept, but a field-tested and proven product that is used by thousands of people every day.
With the new universal Pocket Tripod, we’ve set out to create one of the most practical smartphone tripods without compromising the safety of your device.
Additional accessories: 8/9/10mm Open adapter.
Color: Black/ Blue/ Pink/ Green/ Yellow.
Size: 85.6x54x2.3mm.
Material: POM+PC.
Net Weight: 20g.


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