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    More pleasant Dicer Fusion In Pakistan

    Serving of mixed greens Chef in Pakistan

    Item Description:

    Ideal for accelerating nourishment prep during the current year’s happy devour, Nicer Dicer Plus takes the cutting comfort of Nicer Dicer and takes it to a radical new level. Gloating a colossal 1,500 ml limit, with Nicer Dicer Plus you can cut in 11 distinctive ways. You can cut, dice, cut, julienne, 3D square, wedge, quarter, mesh thus substantially more.

    There are 5 cutting edges, each made of ultra-sharp stainless steel. Simply push down the top and they’ll effectively slice through for all intents and purposes any nourishment. Every sharp edge gives you a decision of various cutting sizes: cut into fragments of 4 or 8, solid shape nourishment in 3 unique sizes… There’s even a more noteworthy and a mandolin slicer, ideal for quickly cutting cucumbers, carrots and potatoes. When you’re set you can serve, or bolt on the stay new top and put something aside for some other time. Sustenance prep has never been so basic.

    Incorporates FREE peeler and formula book.

    Pack Includes:

    – 1 x Removable top part with self cleaning capacity.

    – 1 x Cutting base.

    – 1 x 1,500 ml compartment with estimations.

    – 1 x Fresh keeping cover for compartment.

    – 1 x Dual sharp edge for cutting ¼” x ¼” or ½” x ½ “3D squares.

    – 1 x Dual sharp edge for cutting ¾” x ¾” or ¼” x 1 ½ “blocks.

    – 1 x Dual wedging cutting edge (4 pieces or 8 pieces).

    – 1 x Cutting stamp for top part.

    – 1 x Partial edge cover.

    – 1 x Slicer with edge defender.

    – 1 x Food holder for slicer.

    – 1 x Greater with defensive cover.