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    {Motor-driven|Power-driven|Mechanized} duster handle – {steps|actions|procedures} approx. 2-1/2? L {times|back button|a} 2-1/2? W x 8-1/2? H
    3 Duster {mind|minds|brain} measure approx. 2? {T|D|M}, 6? L and {12|twelve|15}? L
    2 oz. {container|jar|bottle of wine} multi-surface cleaner with {aerosol|squirt|bottle of spray} nozzle

    Product Features:

    {Created for|Made for|Suitable for} comfort
    Ergonomic and {well balanced|well-balanced} handle
    An almost {easy|simple and easy|trouble-free} feel
    Rinse and air dry brush heads
    Needs 4 AA batteries, not included
    Power on/off button

    Things You Can {Dirt|Dust particles|Particles} Easily with the {Proceed|Move|Get} Duster

    Nick knacks
    Cob webs on {wall space|surfaces|wall surfaces}
    Computer keyboards
    {Large|Great|Superior} shelves
    Small surfaces
    {Stereo system|Audio system|Music} equipment
    Wicker baskets
    {Cotton|Man made fiber|Man made fibre} plants
    Above the kitchen cupboards