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    Fabulous Value For Money

    Brilliant Product

    JiuXin Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

    Display No: JINXIN-300

    Basic, Fashion, Health and Convenient!

    Touch it, appreciate it!

    One-touch operation

    Utilize helpfully

    Works for each brand of toothpaste

    Keeps youe washroom spotless and clean

    Simple establishment

    Not any more squandered toothpaste

    No batteries required

    Take out the toothpaste top and embed the suction channel

    If not firmly embedded, will make wind current in, cause less extruction amount or difficult to be pressed our.

    Hues: Orange, Pink, Green, Black and Blue

    Arbitrary Colors Will Be Sent

    Establishment Steps:

    Open Dispenser Lid

    Embed Toothpaste

    Into Silicon Seal

    Botch By Positive Clockwise Direction

    Close Dispenser Lid

    Right Hand Press Toothpaste End

    Left Hand Touch Toothpaste Mouth

    Stop Press When Feel Tothpaste Come Out

    Clean Toothpaste Mouth

    Prepared To Use

    Utilize Toothbrush Head

    Press The Switch

    Toothpaste Comes Out

    Note: Design which is shown in the video is not available, video is only to show how to use this product.

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